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  • Hi henk . Could you recommend an led unit with good penetration for a marine system with a dt of 1000 x 350 and depth of 800 . Please pm me
    Hey Henk

    I currently have 350L freshwater tank. I am wanting to covert to a marine tank, however I find myself running out of time to do maintainance. Are there any good service companies in Cape Town or individuals that can assist in a change over from fresh to salt water as well as maintainance?

    Thanks in advance.
    Hi Henk. I am looking for Nite-out in Cape town. Do you know where I can buy some?
    Hi Henk, Ive been speaking to Charl about the LEDs that he is using and he says they are great. How many would I need for a tank 1200mm x 600mm x 500mm (LxWxH)

    Also is there a way to link these LED's to a controller that can do light bases the lunar calander?

    Hi Henk can you help me with a courier to use to ship livestock to Durban? i know you a man of many talents :)
    hi henk,

    hoe gaan dit? Dis anthony hier.. het jou n ruk terug ontmoet op hotmail of facebook of so iets.

    Anyway, dog ek se gou HI!!

    hey Henk

    i believe im the lucky winner of a prize foir the photo comp ?!?!? :yeahdude::yeahdude::yeahdude:

    what info wud u need from me sir ?


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