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    [FS] Rossmont Mover MX1160 Flow Pump

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    Looking for corals

    I’ve managed to kill two frags of it lol
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    [FS] Zetlight 1201 non WiFi - 4 months old

    I think you can buy a remote that you can plug in to adjust it but the light as I’m selling it isn’t able to be adjusted. It just has a night moon light setting and then the day time white and blue setting as per a physical switch
  4. Zetlight 1201 non WiFi - 4 months old

    Zetlight 1201 non WiFi - 4 months old

    Hi there. I have a perfectly working Zetlight 1201 non WiFi. Have had it for four months and it’s worked a charm for lps. Can ship at buyers expense and risk
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    [FS] Zetlight 1201 non WiFi - 4 months old

    Greenhorn26 submitted a new listing: Zetlight 1201 non WiFi - 4 months old - Zetlight 1201 non WiFi - 4 months old See the full listing...
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    What would an affordable but good light be?

    I am selling a zetlight 1201 non WiFi. The zetlight website says max size is a 50 cube but it’s up to you with the live stock choice you want. It’s five months old and R1000. Can ship at buyers risk and expense too
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    Is there something in the air?

    Sorry to hear about your tank Nic! Hope it’s past the worst
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    [FS] Corals for sale.

    Dibs pink torch
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    [FS] Corals for sale.

    Dibs chalice
  10. Cleaner shrimp

    Cleaner shrimp

    Got a medium size cleaner shrimp for sale. Collection in Fourways
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    [FS] Cleaner shrimp

    Greenhorn26 submitted a new listing: Cleaner shrimp - Cleaner shrimp See the full listing...
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    [FS] Corals for sale.

    Second dibs on hammers
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    My new mixed reef

    Really nice fish! What is it called?
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    Phone pics

    Anyone figured out how to take photos on an iPhone 12 on full blue spectrum without buying a lense..?
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    Cleaner shrimp stealing from coral

    Yeah he is very opportunistic. I like his personality in the tank but he can be a pain. I think the best solution without getting rid of him was given to me by Plankton On tap to say I should feed him a small piece of lancefish at the same time I feed corals to keep him busy - might help you too...
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