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    1. melissadelport
      Hi there. I have a 750L tank and I'm looking for the best pumps and controller. I battle with sediment settling on my rocks and corals. Please email me on vividice at or pm me thanks!
    2. Fanlie
      Email address plz. i need send to you and anita. i have problem with tunze
    3. carlosdeandrade
      Hi George,
      Carlos here, I just read the write up that Alan did on your Hydrofoamer Silence 9420.040. Is this pump available in South Africa direct from a supplier? What is the price of this pump?
      Your time would be appreciated.
    4. TheWaterboy
      hello george are the magnets in stock
    5. viper357
      Hi George

      On Photobucket, underneath each of your pics, you will need to copy and paste the code from the "IMG Code" box into your post. When you click in that box it automatically copies it so all you need to do is paste it into your post.
    6. viper357
      Hi George, yes you can add word documents. If starting a new thread then look for the paperclip icon right above the box where you are entering the text. Or if you want to add it to an existing thread then click the greenish blue Post Reply button and you will find the same paperclip icon there.

      When you click the paperclip option you will get a little popup that will allow you to upload your document, take note there are restrictions here on file sizes, once you uploaded your document, you then type out your post, click on the paperclip icon and then click on the file name, it will then be inserted into your post.

      For Anita to get her own emails she would have to sign up under her own username, you are receiving her emails because she is using your username, so let her sign up as Anita or Tunze SA or whatever she wants and then when she posts, her emails will not come to you.
    7. RocheH
      Hi there I would like to purchase 3× Nano stream 6015, I stay in Durban is it possible for me to collect?
      Thank you
    8. mahan
      Sorry george not sure what the guys situation is will try to contact him and let you know thnks
    9. Collie

      I'm looking for a external skimmer,plus minus 300L

    10. mahan
      Hi george i have a freind from cape town that is looking for a 6260-1 streamer impeller if you can assist in any way it will be greatly appreciated regards masa member
    11. shane
      Hi George,
      Does the 6105 stream come with the controller or is that an optional extra?
      The controller 7091, does that ramp up and slow down the pump speed or do you pre set the speed and it switches on/ off?
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