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    long horn cowfish with bad whitespot

    thanks guys put him in to qt now
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    long horn cowfish with bad whitespot

    hi guys i dont post to often on masa but browse it every day and noticed an increase in white spot cuz of change of season so hear is my problem i have got a long horn cow fish for +-4weeks now he is eating well on frozen, live, flake and nori but it seems the white spot is getting worse i am...
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    my fly fishing trip

    thanks guys it was a really a cool trip i caught 14 trout and 1 bass my buddy dave caught +-27 trout and 3 bass and my other buddy bruno caught 3 trout and 1 crab all on fly here is more pics
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    my fly fishing trip

    hi guys just back from my fly fishing trip at dullstroom here is a few pics for now
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    the sump with External filter

    i dont see this as urgent but to answer ur question i think sumps r the way to go
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    The Maze Sump

    Sorry guys I dont have the time to read though all the posts, but what I have picked up in this design of a maze sump it will not work .If u r trying to keep the same flow rate u will not have a longer exposure time of the water to the dsb in a mazed sump .Simple reason is that the exposure time...
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    not funny :(
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    parasites and need help to remove them

    hi guys i need some help i a yellow fin surgeon and he has got this parasite close to his head i cant take a pic of the parasite but is i fairly small oval shape 1-2mm transparent moves over the surface of the fishes body in a wave like motion it is some what like a leech had them before of a...
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    What makes South Africa great??

    1.flying into the african sunset while over a lake full of flimingos (a real stunner done it) 2.standing on top table montain after a great hike to the top and feeling u on top of the world(done it) 3.jhb cbd silhouette at sunset (done it) 4. road trip to suncity (done it) 5.chasing cattle off...
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    Lost it, and decided to start over

    where did u throw ur rock away i feel like doing some digging :61:lol oh masahello by the way
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    molly cleaning team vs algae

    sorry about that
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    molly cleaning team vs algae

    i think keeping a mollie in the sump is ok provided that it is catered to like in a large dsb with lights other than that no i thnk mandarin is toying with the concept working the kinks out before putting it in to action which shows maturaty by doing that not like other forum poster that dont...
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    molly cleaning team vs algae

    lol u guys make me laugh so do u guys think that keeping my scat in a marine tank is barrbaric when i got him (JUV) was in a fresh water tank then as he got older i Acclimatize him to a brackish water tank until adult hood then reacclimatized him to full marine i have followed his life cycle as...
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    Pics for our mate in Norway

    hey will take pics of the lunar wrasse in the morning for u crispin cuz he or she is sleeping now it is doing wellin the tank thinks he is the boss
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    Next Gauteng meeting?

    i am planing of attending