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  • Hi, I'm on the lookout for some star polyps. Believe you may have some for sale? If so, at what price? I'm in Durban.
    Sorry about the message below.want 2heads of hammers ,2heads of frogspawns ,greenbraina and some zoas.plz send details.
    hi there i will take the skimmer you say its 6 month old is the bal of the guaranttee come with the skimmer and i need the return pump thanks martin
    Hi Gareth, is it fine if i could come pick up those corals at 12;30 from you?
    hey gaz i have, i liked them better than the 13k and 20k they also worked better with my blue T5 tubes.. it was a little blue for me in the begining but became white in no time..

    i have since gone to T5 and am enjoying them looking at LED to make running my tank more affordable in future...

    but if i went T5 again i would go 16k again...
    Gaz, I've still got that brick red plating monti of mine, waiting to swop you for a piece of that white pin cushion you were going to frag.
    Give me a call.

    083 645 2941
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