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  • Hi Frans,

    Hope you are well. I saw a post by you in your thread on predator wish list, and you said you bring fish in. I am looking for certain fish and want to know if you could help me. This is my thread. you can see a list of the fish i want on here. Some advice regarding the setup of a predator tank - Marine Aquariums South Africa

    I tried sending you a pm but it says your mailbox is full.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Frans

    I am new on MASA and have not made any posts yet. Still getting my tank sorted and doing loads of research.

    Any way! I live in the sticks, Worcester and have a major problem getting anything for my marine tank locally :( We have one pet shop that does birds and tropicals.... that is it.

    I will be in Hermes round about the 1 December to ? and want to pop in at your shop and get some goodies. My tank has been cycling for five weeks now with NSW, but no live rock. So I would like to know if you would have any LR available around that time and also price per kg. What I really need tho is a hydrometer or some other salinity test. So any options for that?

    Prices please!

    Looking forward to here from you!

    Hi Frans
    Thanks for responding so promptly. I ordered one on line, acting a little precipitately. I should have waited for your offer. Could I buy one of those off you?
    Morning Frans

    Last night the anemone took some brine shrimp which i gave it, but now this morning when i got up the anemone was upside down, so i guided the little guy to anther rock and with in a minute he had suctioned onto the rock and opened up, and as far as i can see his mouth is now closed... Is it normal for them to turn upside down at times or is this little guy in really bad shape?
    Frans I tried Underwaterworld for you in Durban and they phoned Mares they don't do that one. George
    Howzit Frans.

    Im trying to do a bit of research on the wrasse I have got in my tank. Ive googled everything and cant get info regarding the wrasse. I thought it was a social wrasse. do you know what its called perhaps?
    Hi Frans. Sorry I didnt reply to your sms. looking after your tank was a pleasure.anytime.just let me kniw. Love your setup. Its really really awesome.
    hey frans!!! are you by any chance home today!!! i can come fetch the tank with my dads car!!! theyre here for today but leaving again 2moro!! pls let me know!! thanks and send me youre sell phone number as my other phone got stolen!!
    HI Frans. Sorry about all the questions. The next time you collect water,will you please sms me as I would like to see where you collect water. I currently have two spots where I get but its quite a mission as I go in deep.Maybe your spots are easier.Also,I need to collect water but its raining quite alot as you can see. Can I collect away from that pipe that runs into the sea,say all the way to the other side of the beach. towards vermont side. I cant see any water running into the sea and the water is pretty clean there. did some tests and the water there tests the same as cleanest water I could get. Thanks a mil for all the advice and answers.
    sorry I only got your sms yesterday. Pity I missed it. but thanks for the offer and I will be more than happy if you find something like that in the future to go halves. I havent added anything in so long and I am itching to do so. You got my new number. if not here it goes again. 0796979570.
    Shot man check online and internet says its still on its way but phoned through and track and trace says its in Newcastle already so will pass there just now and collect ..... Thanx will let you know how its going .....
    I saw that you are situated in Brackenfell on some post. What do you do or supply?
    hi frans

    ek het jou al n paar keer probeer bel maar jou nommer is of beset of lui net.

    Ek wil graag die nano opstel ASAP en die ander tank oorgedoen kry so vinnig as moontlik.

    ek kan duer ry na jou toe om die nano te kom haal maar die probleem is dat die sump en my ander tank nie sal inpas in die kar nie.

    laat weet my wat jou planne vir die naweek is asseblief sodat ons n plan kan maak.

    groete Johan
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