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    1. Harper68
      Hi I love the coral inserts on your pics I would really live one like this in my tank any help on were I can get something like this would be really appreciated
    2. Michele
      Hi Flappy, I wonder if you could help me. We are shooting a film and we need to make up an acrylic tube, big enough to fit a dummy human. How would we go about this process.
      Thank you!
    3. TaahirS
      If I bought real reef rock would I collect it from your shop or do you deliver?
    4. Irina
      Hi Flappy

      I don't know if your tank is still on offer, but I'd really like to have it. I'm doing a creative piece for it for University and it's just what I need. I'd be so grateful if you're willing to give it to me. I can even send you the video of my creative piece once it's been done so you can see what I've done with the tank.

      Please contact me on 082 438 2520.

      My name is Irina.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.
    5. Gary Roebuck
      Gary Roebuck
      if i remember correctly u guys did a tank for a corporate client, u filled it up with u're rock..
      i'm looking for pics of that scaping.. was of the best i've seen..
    6. shaun777

      I am going to get Leslie to build me another tank. Just a 800 cube x 700 deep. How much of this rock would you suggest weight wise? And what is the price per kg?

      I won't be getting now but would rather get this than LFS live rock. Will need in April roughly. Hopefully sooner though. And i'm from EL.

      Thanks. I look forward to your response...Shaun
    7. Marius Pienaar
      Marius Pienaar
      Hey flappy 459b said u can maybe help me I need someone that can take apart a fish tank??
    8. LouiseS
      Hi. Please let me know when you would like to come and have a look at the fish that you dibsed. thanks
    9. Blue Reefer
      Blue Reefer
      Hey Steven you got pricing on Real Reef saver rock yet?

      Regards Mike
    10. Gweffs
      Hey Flappy

      I currently have 350L freshwater tank. I am wanting to covert to a marine tank, however I find myself running out of time to do maintainance. Are there any good service companies in Cape Town or individuals that can assist in a change over from fresh to salt water as well as maintainance?

      Thanks in advance.
    11. DeanT
      Hi Flappy
      i need to mave a tank from newlands to claremont , and also will need to rent . borrow some water storage bins .
      can you advise anyone , or know anyone that can help.
      i have spoken to a company but they are short staffed at the moment , and i need this done ASAP
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