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    TMC Fish "FOLLOWERS" 10% special till this post is off the specials forum

    Excellent that settles it then,I hate it when people feel they have to lie about competitors to further their own agenda's,I would be wary of dealing with such a dishonest business. I'll come check out your shipment on wednesday,need a yellow fish.:biggrin:
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    TMC Fish "FOLLOWERS" 10% special till this post is off the specials forum

    So I've been hearing reports of fake TMC shipments as claimed by a certain LFS on their own whatsapp group(this LFS is based in pta). Sheldon can you confirm if yours is the real TMC? I know you and trust you but just for clarity?
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    Misleading shipments to achieve sales goals:

    Yes that's definitely not how you do business,I also hate shops that have a policy of fetch your fish within 24 hours of them arriving,it's like they don't trust their own fish to live and want to shove it onto you ASAP.Also a fish that just flew so many hours from America needs a day or two of...
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    How do I get a hold of you since nobody answers calls?

    Hi I've been trying to get a hold of you guys telephonically since January.I've tried the number on the website several times,0838117240 either doesn't answer or is on voicemail. Do you have a landline number because the one I've found seems to be engaged 0217948811. I have purchased from you...
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    Express Reef's New Cube Build 500

    Excellent!;) Dare I say right now the fuge looks better than the main tank lol but i'm sure in time that'll change?Are you planning to keep pipe fish or anything in the fuge?
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    H Magnifica Advice

    I kept mine under t5's which were 5 cm away from the surface of the water and the anemone was maybe 10-15 cm below made its way up to that spot on its own btw so make sure you have a way for it to move close to the lights if it needs to or else it will detach and float around the tank...
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    [SOLD] [FS]: Immigrating SALE : North Riding

    I would've loved to take the queen,but unfortunately bought too many fish for other tanks so not in my budget right now. I'm glad that you're not just giving them to any newbie with money though,fish like that need experienced keepers with good homes that can keep them happy long term.
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    Salt - Instant Ocean

    With the red lid....that was just pathetic :eek::m87::m85::m86:
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    Salt - Instant Ocean

    Yeah I also used it many years ago to start up a tank that ran for over 10 years with few water changes over the years. Ok so reason for me necro'ing this thread is to find out if anyone has found a supplier for this salt at a good price in JHB?
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    [FS]: TSR Tank with Sump for Sale : Fourways

    Lets make this simpler lol whats the lowest you'll go? I have a friend interested in joining the hobby but his starting budget is limited so give me your best price and I'll see if he is keen.
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    [FS]: TSR Tank with Sump for Sale : Fourways

    I think,your price is a bit high for just tank stand and pump. Are you negotiable?
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    [FS]: 1.2m Starfire Complete System For Sale : Fourways

    I'm interested in tank and hardware please let me know how much you want.
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    [SOLD] [FS]: Blue face,Desjardini,Emporer,Six bar and Convict: Jhb South - Walkerville

    Ok so Emp,six bar and convict taken by Aquetas..... I'm going to hold on to the blue face for now as it has a bacterial infection,I have a few other fish also but will make sure they are all clear first before I advertise them or give them over to anyone. Only Sailfin left for now.