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  • Hey boet
    Where you been lately.
    Hows your tank doing?
    Ive started my new tank and sold the other one. Just gona do one tank for now
    Hey Falcon,
    even I have via aqua SK-388 running it from 4 weeks and still the foam is not forming
    im try to set it in different ways but still its not forming form..
    please help me out in this bit frustrated with this....

    hey Falcon.
    Do you still wana give some coral for my Fox?
    That other dude still haven't come back to me about the Fox.
    So if you want it its yours?

    So what coral you giving me?
    Hey man. Whats up?

    How you doing?
    Im thinking of selling my one spotted fox face.
    His very big.
    Would you be interested?
    Cool man.
    Ag no, i hope it does.
    I dont think so, i never looked that close to the eyes.

    Let me know how he does in a few days.

    Is he eating nicely?

    Cw out
    hey boetie thanks hes swimming around etc fine but his left eye seems to have a white glaze over it,should clear out in a few days...did any of the others have it?
    haha ya thanks i know tank is not yet up so no rush for now,anyway you can send it to eb?
    Hey man.

    Im looking to get myself a Refractometer.
    Where must i get it from?

    Cw out
    treat the wood with some raw linseed oil first to seal it from the inside.leave to dry for several days and repeat if needed.

    Then simply get a matt varnish with stain in and give a few coats to get the colour you want.simple really,dont forget to make sure you dont leave any part in crevices etc untreated.

    pods start in the tank from the live rock but the fish usually eat them in the tank so they only live peacefully and breed in the sump.bristleworms usually also come from the live rock,thats why people love good quality live rock with lotsa life.
    Ok cool. Ive already seen the pods in the top of the tank on the live rock.
    They look like little shrimps.

    So they actualy start in the dsb?
    How do i get these bristle worms?

    Do they also just start by them selfs?
    Hey Falcon

    How you doing there in DeDeer.

    Im gona get some varnish today and varnish that top cover tonight then hopefully i can put it up tomorow night.

    You mos have a hardware shop so id like to ask you something.

    What type of varnish must i put on the top cover.
    I was thinking a mat cos i dont like the shining varnish.

    Im also gona use the same stain and varnish on the front door and side panels wich im going to do a bit later.

    I used gripseal as the stain. After you put gripseal on wood your fingers are full of black stain and you can peal it off in layers.

    What varnish should i use?
    What is the best and where do i get it?
    well its not actually needed as your dsb usually houses a nice population of pods which eat algae etc and also when these make it back to the main tank the fish can have a treat,so i suggest you leave the dsb for the small critters,oh and bristle worms also are good inhabitants for your dsb as they will slowly turn the substrate over time.
    Hi Falcon

    Another Q for you.

    Why does some ppl put snails and hermate crabs in the dsb?
    Does this help for not getting anny algea?
    hey man,yeah got some time on my hands again lol i'll come take a drive past there tommorrow morning at around 11:30 please send me the exact address thanks

    Hi bud, glad to see you are back online :D
    I have moved, to se7 in Vdbp.
    You should come by and have a look and give advise :D

    let me know.

    hey i'm ok man whats new your side?
    if i heard correctly you moved?where to?

    maybe i should come visit sometime. hows the tank and corals doing....my side life is just very changed these last few months hardly any time for forums but yeah i do miss you guys...trying to squeeze more time to be on here lol
    How are you doing?
    How is the new job?
    Missed you on the forum.. you still owe me a beer, or rather I owe you one :D

    Hope to hear more from you now.
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