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    1. yuma girl
      yuma girl

      David said i should try get hold of you - I have a boyu EA 80 which is running on T8's at the moment and we need it to be converted to T5's. see below msg from David.. are you able to do this? what cost?

      Great , we have the bulbs and ballests , but you would have to get someone to change the power supply as well because the T5 dont run on the T8 ballasts. We also have the water proof endcaps for the T5 lights as the boyu canopy will gather allot of condensation and humidity - the waterproof end caps will help extend the life of bulb and ballast. Ask a electrician or friend if they can do the conversion for you or mayby @Electrician24 can quote ? if your going to do the conversion , ide go all the way and put in 4 lights , colores are your choice , but the ATI tubes, 39 watt i think will fit: coral pluss x 2 actinic x 1 Blue plus x 1 depending on the budget.
    2. zs1adc
      Hi Ayoob.
      Thanks for the offer on the 2 electronic heaters and the tank and stand. My details: R H du Toit, Standard Bank, Thibault Square 020909, a/c 070635226, current account, R490-00. My tel is 0215573085 and my address is 35 Study Street, Table View. Regards, Reg.
    3. Perky Pets
      Perky Pets
      lol , what is what ?
    4. traut
      Thanks alot
    5. traut
      Hi David reffered me to you as my light unit is busted. im pretty sure its the ballast but Dave asked me to 1st check in with the electrician24, maybe you could help me?

      i have 4 t5's, 2 in the front and 2 at te back but now the 2 at the back isnt not coming on anymore. what happened yesterday was that when the unit was switched on the 2 at back came on for about 1 second then switched off, ow it doesnt come on at all so i took bulbs out.

      can you please give some advice?

    6. Perky Pets
      Perky Pets
      Hi there you - got your message now ...

      Thanks for the help to day .

      I think i want the profilux to to the mesuring of certain things and controle the auto top ups kalk wasser ect.
      And i think i can connect it to display on the LCD.

      So what you up to ?
    7. Electrician24
      Ok, must meet some time again for a :peroni: , damn no klipdrift pic.
    8. 459b
      Im alive .... busy, but alive. How you been?
    9. Anemone
      It's expelling waste.
    10. JsPLAYn
      Hey dude, there is a few pieces left...... Call me tomorw ,hw many kgs u interested in? 0768674930
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