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  • Hi buddy. Please pm me ur number. I need to know about the overflow combs u had for sale sometime back and if u can still get them. Thanks
    Hy duran its endrin,long time buddy,do u still have any frags
    Left for sale ,0848941882
    Hi bud... I've just started a pico tank..wanted some advice regarding the filter system.. Its a jebo R331...I plan on doing frequent water changes to keep the nitrates low.. But what filter material can I use to optimize the water conditions?
    Howzit durleo yip that trade sounds good I havnt got any star pollopsm. Are they the greenish ones? How big is the rock? My cell is 0820524296
    hey man....where you been......i lost my phone so i dont have your number.....got a whole pile of new goodies.....you must swing by
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