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    Pharos Led Light for sale

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    [wtd] Pharos 90W LED.

    The royal blue and blue will work too , sounds like when those came out they came in 2 options of the uv or the blues . As long as it's it's 90W you should be good :)
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    Back in the game

    Beautiful , i love this tank
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    My New 275 Litre Marine Tank!!!!!!!

    this tank has come such a long way ! Beautiful bud , update time?
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    FTS Friday

    thank you bud , its been a while since i added a FTS , yes it is a Pod hotel from @Planktonyx (Reef Eco Cube) i have it there as i dont want it in the rear chambers :m01: .there are some nice changes in the pipeline for my tank coming soon.:m12:
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    FTS Friday

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    Darren TL550

    Nearly time for my new light to arrive still excited but not so excited I need to hang it and I am not a diy person. Here is some random photos I took while doing some water tests
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    Brent's Cube

    Really awsome wow!
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    [FS] 90W pharos unit and controller

    I did list it as sold:)
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    Darren TL550

    Thanks bud , tank has been off lately ... I need a change
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    Darren TL550

    Some random shots
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    [wtd] XR30 RMS mount

    hi guys looking for an RMS mount please PM if you have available as i might need one if my current plan does not work
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    Darren TL550

    thanks dude will post photo's and updates once i have it , i still need to make a plan to mount it , i have a few ideas but it will be difficult to hang it as my tank is right in a dam corner so the angle is .... but ya . would you perhaps have a recommended height for this light to be above my...
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    Darren TL550

    Hi bud after lots of jumping from this to that I decided to settle with a radion XR30 Gen 3 . Have not done an update on the tank in a while . Little one been keeping me on my toes
  15. 90W pharos unit and controller

    90W pharos unit and controller

    90W pharos plus the controller in perfect working condition I did just have a new fan fitted . I dont have brackets. Selling due to buying a new light. R2000 not neg . Can ship at your expense based in EL . All photos are taken today 10/06/21
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