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    Nennie is doing good. I put it in one place on the sand next to a small rock and it hasnt moved since. Opened up fully as well. I think your shrimp problem is the anemone. My shrimp wont dare go near my bubbletip, nor my malu. The second i put food in the LTA one was all over it. I think the fact that it is a sand dwelling nennie and not very potent that some how the shrimp know. So i feed the shrimp at the same time away from the nennie and then the nennie. So far so good. I have not seen them walking over it apart from that once.

    Sorry to hear about your fox face! It sucks man.

    interested in those butterflies and angel you got,what you looking for them.i can never catch them and was wondering if you wanna sell them.
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