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  • Disappearing Lyretail anthias

    I just want to know if someone can explain to me how it is possible for a fish to disappear
    because i had 3 anthias one male and two females and one now of my females is gone
    Dude, I thought you wanted the skimmer, pm me if still interested.
    Otherwise its off to the reef scrap thread.
    Hi Dane,

    Hope u doing well and thought I would get in touch before u forget who I am :).
    I was wondering if you could tell me which frags i can get from you? I never got around to asking you that.

    Please PM me when u have a chance.


    Hi Dane...are you still looking for a 39 W ballast...I might have one , just need to connect it and test

    BTW hows it going
    OK i have done a marine test on my tank and it nitrate is 0ppm and phosphate is 0.25ppm carbonate hardness it taken 14 drops dkh and calcium 480 24 drops can any one tell me if that's is OK or do i have to do something to it
    so dane, i just took my girlfriends old 15 liter goldfish tank and scaped it added sand and voila, instant pico, gonna put a black clown goby in, dang those things are cool.

    just thought id make you a bit jealous...
    Did you get a id on the ric?

    Is the ric doing well.
    Does it look under you're lights as good as expexted?
    Dane, dont want to get into too much detail on the forum (your thread). My wife works close to city centre so collection can be done there.

    Also remember we do ship via overnight courier

    Keep an eye out for a Dorry Pets CPT shop thread...will detail the shop build, collection deliver options, specials etc
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