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  • hi SAchin791, i think you have me slightly confused with someone else perhaps? Im not in PE, indeed im on another continent and i dont have whatsapp either. Perhaps you dont want to post your cell number on the net like that, you never know whom might use it:) sorry i cant help.
    Hey :) i think you took some amazing pictures yesterday, so maybe you can post some of then one day? :)
    hell rod that sounds like a rough patch fella. hope your recovery goes well and that the lodges sort their issues out.

    great to hear that tank is growing out so well and that you are getting such satisfaction after all the effort youve put into it.

    bring your wife and daughter and come catch some salmon with me as soem R and R, i bet you two realy need it.
    Hey Crispin
    Long time no speak.

    I have not been on the forum for some time, lifes been a bit of a bitch. I have lost a kidney, have one that is not working properly and had massive labour issues out in the bush.

    The good news is that as you said it would the tank has just blossomed. The coral grwoth is increduble and I am battling to keep up. Evry aspect of the tank looks stunning.

    I have sent Dallas a hole string of shots that I took last night for TOTM. Hopefull we will see them soon
    hey sanch, wow that is a blast from the past (in a manner of speaking!:)) how u doing? is your tank going well now?
    Hi Crispin,

    Would you be able to give me some advice on a second hand tank I want to buy?

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