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    1. cornelia
      Okay, now my head is in a spin, - decided to do a massive up date off my black berry but it was too long so I had to cut and paste and now everything is deurmekaar. Please read in reverse
      Part 4/4
      The tank came with nice sized coral beauty and mean humbug ('kwagga') who killed two of the previous owner's fish.

      We added a blue devil, two yellow skunks, percula clown, bi-colour blenny, cleaner shrimp and a crayfish, and anemone (white with pink tips) and kwagga was exchanged for a clark's clown as he was munching away on the skunks' tails.

      I know we started VERY FAST, but we're really putting a lot of trouble into caring for our tanks ( smaller one is dedicated to be a QT once everything can move into the bigger tank.

      Everyone is getting along just fine, feedings include bi-daily flakes, brine shrimps 3times a week (inclusing small portion for anemone) and a mussle every now and then for the crayfish
    2. cornelia
      But we've done sooo much work on the smaller tank, we added an extractor fan in the top box and some vent holes, which has taken water temp down from 26-28 to 24-26 degrees, and there's a perspex cover over water which we've added 2 hooles to, so evaporation hasn't changed much.

      Today we bought new globes , 2 white 10000K 30watt flourescents and a funny pink tri-polar light that supposedly replaces the actinic and is better for plants? The old globes were more than a year and a half old! But didn't look any diffirent so they weren't changed.

      I was very afraid of overloading the bioload, so I added some B-bac, and we're testng the water every few days.

      (The anemone took a few days to adjust, but is doing really well, the clark is sleeping in him, it felt like a had a child taking his first steps when I saw that!
    3. cornelia
      Part 2/4
      The tank we bought second hand, has been established for about a year and a half, live rock, side skimmer, outside filter (eheim 2233), and nitrate, nitrite and ammonia test kits, small extra powerhead inside.
      We bought it about 2 weeks ago, and it's been a rollercoaster ever since :)
      We've been so excited about it, I'm sure we started too fast, actually I know we did :) but everything is still honky dory.
      The tank is in odd sizes but works to about 200l, it was in quite a bad condition when we bought, seller boasting about never cleaning, or testing the water, it was filled with algae (green) and the sand (freshwater type of coloured rock rubble) very very dirty.
    4. cornelia
      Part 1/4
      Okay, so we've finally set up our tank, and bought another :)

      Our tank is 1.6x0.6x0.6 m, with overflow running into sump system.
      "What's. In it?" I hear you asking, well...
      Sump: filter floss
      ViaAqau in sump skimmer Sk200NW
      Dragonfli pump DF1770 (1800l/hr) with height it does about 600l/hr)
      Tank: 2x300watt glass heaters (viaAqua)
      Resun wavemaker (waver 15000)
      About 70kg live rock
      80kg sand (Reggies)
      30kg crushed coral
      Light: unit with metal highlide lamp and two 10000K flourescents
      We used instant marine salt, Organic Aqua marine B-bac and Organic aqua general treatment.

      We added the liverock sunday (2days ago) and now the wait begins, we've decided to wait 3weeks, then if all tests well, we'll add a molly.
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