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    [FS] Red Sea Max 250 Fish Tank + Accessories (For Sale) R20 000.00

    Hey Mr Smith, I might be interested if you can give me a good price and let me know more detail about scratches and any other problems please. Where are you based?
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    (Wanted): Nelspruit

    Hardware for saleThread title: (Wanted) Location: Nelspruit Shipping or Collection only: Both All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's and description/list of items for sale: Hi Guys. . . Long time no see, Please if someone has some of the following gear let me...
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    New Sponsor - bike2bike

    Welcome guys! Maybe you guys can work on a MASA special for us. . . Combine the battery charger with an inverter, relay and some batteries in a package deal. If your price is good you'll sell lots I think. Anyways - enjoy your stay at MASA masahello
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    My dream in the making.

    WOW That reactor setup is the best I've EVER seen! Well done mate!
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    Purigen overdose

    I used a full bag on my nano - works great! In a nano with regular waterchanges you don't have a negative trace elements inpact either so go for it.
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    Food for thought ?

    Also wondering about this . . . I'm a big fan of blues but believe that the success of t5 setup lay in the large spectrums and the balance they provide.
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    New to this site

    Welcome Anthony :welcometomasa2:
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    Hi from Ireland

    A very hearty welcome - enjoy your stay masahello
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    back by popular demand ! purples and stuff

    And your pictures are really not as bad as you think, they much better than mine!(and some unnamed other members)
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    back by popular demand ! purples and stuff

    Like that one - great photos thanks for sharing
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    Where to get stuff

    thanks neo - hope someone else can get a lead for me in pta east
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    Where to get stuff

    Hi Guys, where can I find a ato float switch in Pretoria East asap, need one to take to my Mozambique secret tank and I'm leaving this afternoon, hence no joburg PLEASE HELP!
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    4 x purple tangs

    All those tangs are reaaly cool lloking, how are yours doing dropzone?
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    Cyano on DSB only?

    I put my lr over my dsb on eggcrate about 4 cm above the dsb, work lekker but still a lot of detrtus settle around the area, i try siphon it once every now and then
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    Sohal tang - Some pics

    They are really cool but not very many tanks can house them.
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