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  • Hi there Mike is my name have just started well actuall tank has been running for 4 months but thats still new right? LOL I am really looking for some GSP I have some brown that turns dull green under blue light and some new growing that is sort of light brown. I don't know if it will turn darker later? Do you know Rich Matlock or Jon Goetch?
    Hi Chops, I got the Angel from TSR here in Randburg, from what I hear Nathan is now the RSA agent so the service will be good. I think his handle is ''Submariner'' and he is one of the sponsors.
    Was a busy day, but had time to relax a little bit in the eve. But all in all, a nice day. :)
    Hi Chops, tank is doing good. Added a new inmate, and just waiting for all the fighting and sandstorms to settle so I can update with FTS, and pics. Thanks for asking, though!
    hey dude hw awesum of you.pe is realy the friendly city lol, but my tanks nt up and running yet bru
    howzit chops,, was wondering how that frag tank of yours is coming along?? please let me know if you have any thing you are wanting to sell.. i got those button polyps from you a few months ago..
    thanks. Cuen
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