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  • Need some help!!

    Need to transport 2.5m 1.5m 50cm wide and 50 H L shape tank?
    I have a flatbed truck and going to use manpower to get it onto the truck.
    Should I put something under the tank like foam, mattress?????????
    Hi Carl

    I see on your thread that you have the aquaria 1 metre tank. I am getting mine this weekend. I would just like to know how much live rock you used in you're tank, or have any idea of the weight it can handle.

    Hallo Charl
    I have seen that you have built a led light.

    What led's put out the right frequency and intensity?

    I want to build a light but do not know which led's to use for marine tanks.

    Any info / advice would be greatly appreciated

    Kind regards
    Howzit Bud ! Sorry I havent come around to the pub in a while , hectic with the new shop. Your Dogfood arrived , unfortunately the 12 KG bags are for export only (if you find some floating around it might be old stock. R 120 for 4,5 kg bag
    The SPS is Montipora danae. The common name for the wrasse is a social wrasse, not sure of its exact scientific name. Has the pincushion opened yet?
    Hey sorryI haven't been in touch but can you give me your contact details and postal address. My wife said she will try to go past the post office tomorrow or the next day

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