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  • hey please could you tell me which lion fish you have ? and prices please also cost of shipping to East London , also looking for a comet and a polka dot grouper
    I did get some you are most welcome to share. would love to see your plan for the reactor?
    i struck bad luck with the filter socks way too big can have 10 micron ones made for 35 a pop. still in two minds if l should not go for 5 micron.

    Did you and Dallas buy the Lanthanum Chloride?
    I want to buy some but too much for just one person?
    Thank you, i will keep an eye open for him as I only have a clownfish and a cardinal angel fish. There are lots of little black brittle starfish on the coral I bought.

    Many thanks for all the advice and assistance. Those corals look amazing. I'll keep in touch and keep you in the picture as the tank settles in......................................


    Hey bud. My new tank is started.
    Have a look
    CW's New Reef - Page 3 - Marine Aquariums South Africa
    They doing great buddy ..... Just so busy with work didnt get a chance to take some pics ... Maybe this weekend will make a plan and sort some out
    Always used a UV light on my tanks.
    Keeps the algae growth down and skimmate levels up.
    I know you not suppose to use UV with bio-pellets but I have had no issues with this.

    Thanks man.
    Lets see how the tank looks when I get home again on Friday evening after the wife looked after it for a week....
    Hey man.
    Not currently using Ozone on my new system or the tank in the garage.
    I did use it on the old Chinese tank I had because it was badly designed with a closed lid, sump in the cabinet and loads of other problems with air-flow over the tank and water-air exchange.

    The two other tanks I have including the one in the garage don't need Ozone as the ORP readings on both is sitting at round about 480 without me adding anything to the water.
    Only extra I'm running on both tanks is a big UV light connected to my overflow plumbing to the sump.
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