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  • Hey man... Happy new year.
    My name is Kyle and I stay in glen marais.
    I am a complete noob when it comes to marine aquariums and I am having some trouble with my tank and I am losing fish.
    I went through the top of the member list and tried to find fellow reefers in kempton park that might be able to have a look at my tank and set up and maybe offer some advise.
    Hi Steven

    Please could you help me setup my ORP.

    I have no Idea what I am doing when it comes to loading a library let alone setting it up.

    Thank you

    Hi Stephen hope you guys are well. Do you perhaps know who sells the reef angel units now. I need a ozone expansion unit? I have the probe.
    Let's start a clean slate please.i read all the forums and all the answers are there
    But I will go on threads and comment more.
    Sorry bud.
    Please can you put my mp40s back up for me
    Hi Steven,

    Do you know of any reefers with Frags that they are looking to sell? looking for a few more SPS corals.
    Hi, I am new to hobby and busy setting up my first tank, i live on the South coast were we do not have a lot available to us. I have a 350 liter setup including the sump with refuge protein skimmer etc. I will be collecting natural sea water, my question- I only have dead rock that has been dry for some time now, will my aquarium function, and will the rock become live rock what they call?. I plan on running the tank for some time till i can get to the city to better pet shops. Regards Killer
    I found a Place: Sensorex | pH Electrodes, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Free Chlorine, and other liquid analytical sensors. | Sensorex they supply 450mv solution
    Clearly the problem I seem to be a bit slow when it comes to the picture thing.
    I tried to save it in my album.
    No I tried in photo bucket.

    301 Moved Permanently
    Hi there, where did you buy led lights and equipment for your DIY led lights, i would like to tackle a project like that, very impressive well done
    Good day Butcherman, I live in Kempton Park and would like to join the MASA social group in my area,are there meetings or socials or contact details of members to interact with.
    Hi Steven

    My tank has dropped 1.4 degrees and the heater cannot get it warmer what effect will the tempreture have on the tank. it is sitting on 23.9

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