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  • Hi Brent

    Lloyd here,we met at the Meet. Amazing tank and beautiful house btw. I was wondering if u had any pics of your nano zoa tank,I meant to take a few pics but slipped my mind.

    My number is 084 622 6061, I am on whatsapp if that helps.

    Thanks again cheers
    Hi Brent, we've separated them from the reefkeeping discussions, you will see right next to the New Posts link is the Classifieds link in green, click that and you will see all of the ads.
    Hi Brent

    Think the company is HouYi light. I sent them a message and am awaiting a response

    Howsit Buddy!

    Gareth from Toti (Winkle Lifesaving)
    Was looking for some aragonite online and came across your thread about deep water sand.
    You reckon its better than aragonite?
    Thanks for coming back to me.

    Nope, i wish, maybe next time.

    I will be in Durban for this weekend, leaving back to the Slums on Wednesday.

    Thats a stunning frag on your profile picture. Keep me in mind when you do intend on fragging.

    Enjoy the Expo! !
    Hey Reneshen.. I run 250W MH's with Blue atinic T5's,
    About to change to LED's! hope my growth stays the sam when I do!
    Are you going to the expo?
    Hi Brentv

    Great looking Zoas.

    Whats combinationg and make of lights do you keeps thoses Zoas under?

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