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  • PlayStation 3 Rebooted - Marine Aquariums South Africa

    But here is the original build
    PlayStation 3 - Marine Aquariums South Africa

    That stand is powdercoated. Very nicely done.
    The stand for nano that got galvanized?
    Post 153 on Gesiggie's fascination - Page 8 - Marine Aquariums South Africa

    My stand is powder coated.

    Galvanize is better.
    Thanks bud, tank going well busy setting up a dosing unit as am a bit tired of manual dosing, but otherwise nennie doing awesome. chat soon
    Hi Bendor.
    Yes, indeed,the yellow clown goby would make a lovely addition to your tank.
    Charming personality, and very out and about.
    You can also look at the yellow watchman goby (although they tend to stay a bit more secluded, vary from one fish to another)
    Hi - No I don't use photobucket - much too frustrating! I just click on the little paperclip / attachment icon and load directly - automatically resizes and inserts into post.
    Not sure about the starfish, worst case scenario is that it is a crown of thorns, best is that it is a brittle star. Good luck rearranging the rock work! :)
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