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    [FS] Via aqua heater 100w x 2

    Hi Greg could i please take over the heaters from you. Thanks @Breado
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    [FS] Full System Durbanville Cape Town - Feeler

    Dibs the Tunze Care magnets if you decide to split please.
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    Let’s see your DIY leds

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    [FS] 55w UV sterilizer Eastrand Dalview

    Sold off forum. Mods please close
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    [FS] 55w UV sterilizer Eastrand Dalview

    Item name AND Location. 55w UV sterilizer Eastrand Dalview Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R1600 Full description. 55w Uv with quartz sleeve and new tube . Tube ran for 7 days still plumbed into the system Photos of actual Items for sale.
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    Urgent help needed White substance

    The white is the sponge wrotting do you have some zoas on there ?
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    Diy led build advice

    Yes but you need to lower the voltage on the psu rather go 10w how deep is you tank and where you based
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    [SOLD] Seachem Vibrant Sea Salt - Pretoria East

    Thanks I would of like the option to raise my offer .
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    [FS] RBTA - Centurion

    Thankyou for the nennies they are stunning
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    [FS] Clove polyps and Xenia - Durban

    Hi would you sell and ship looking for some clove and do you have an better pic off the cloves
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    [FS] Zoas & GSP For Sale Dalview(Brakpan)

    Hi bud i do ile send you an pm
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    [FS] RBTA - Centurion

    If you have one available ile take one please
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    [FS] Octo Spawn Eastrand

    Sorry its not available . mods please close thread
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    [FS] Zoas & GSP For Sale Dalview(Brakpan)

    Hi yes still available but not around at the moment will be back next week