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  • i there,

    That sounds great! I'd prefer to have it with the plate for the sump (will these be a few cross bars to support the sump?). The sump is 60x65cm, so it will need to be able to slide in from the front or side of the stand.
    On second thoughts, and after remeasuring, could you rather make the sump shelf/plate 17.5 cm from the bottom the stand (i.e. from the ground)? Also, do you add adjustable feet? Not too serious if you don't, as I know they can be tricky and expensive.

    I would prefer to have the white powder coat - thanks.

    In terms of timelines, will it be possible for you to fabricate the stand in the middle of April, as I will only need it in the last week of April?

    Thanks again.

    (tel: 0791815827)
    You are looking at about R 1180.00 for the stand with plate for your sump, powder coated white or black.

    Without the the plate if your sump sits on the ground its R 970.00 coated.

    Stand will be out of 38mm square tube.

    Will take 4-7 work days.

    Let me know if you need any more info.

    square tube steel stand for a cube tank. The stand needs to be 1m high, 67.5cm wide and 65cm deep (front to back). I'd like to have sump shelf in the stand (corner to corner) about 15cm from the bottom so it has a space underneath the sump where I can store things.

    Painted or coated would be fine, depending on cost options...

    I move house in a month, so would be ideal to have it ready by then. I have board for the cladding...

    What do you think?

    Hi Aurora,

    I posted a thread about building a tank stand (in the DIY forum) and a couple of guys suggested you might be able to assist.

    Would you be open to a discussion about this?

    Many thanks,
    Jamie (Coralline)
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