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  • Hi Lawrence

    Tell me whene are you guys having some nice specials on your amw 37 missed out on the 999 bucks one and the 1500 with the sand and rock

    Please let me know
    hi can u guys send me pics of the annenomes in ur durban branch as i like to pop in and picj up one.thnk u
    hi, finish with the move of the two tank's. will load the pic's tomorrow and of the sump ass wel. your fish look's verry healty and your price for your stock, don,t think the others can beet your price's. now every body can afford to buy live stock, thanks Lawrence.
    hi, i come see you on sunday, for the rest of the other thing's i need for the new tank. (salt) and, and, and.
    Hy doc how ru,I'm still waitin for your shipment
    Of fish and corals,thnx Indrin
    Ok, would have being great for all the members to have seen your range. Any chance of you getting a LFS to display your products for you?
    Hi, im interested in the AQUARIA AMW37 NANO as this would be my first marine aquarium, would you recon that its worth it and will be fine for me starting out as I sadly cant afford the bigger one to this (the AQUARIA AMW102 NANO :( ).
    I stay in Centurion (about 20 minutes away from PTA), is this tank on special at Dorry Pets as I am basically down the road from them.
    O yes last question does this tank have everything I need to get started and must the water be purchased or can I add anti chlorine as well as what else is needed?

    just 2 quick questions. what is the recommened setting for the skimmer for the amw 37L. i closed it with small gap initially and was wondering wen to adjust it and to what degree. and then is it possible to somehow put the led's and 24w lighting on separate timers. i know there is a package for similar nanos that could be bought. any suggestions?


    Am interested in one of your skimmers(800 L) am located in the northern suburbs of jozi any shops around here selling your product
    have a blonde naso,a nice big one,but its not eating
    i have it now for about 5 days,i fed it thus far nori,flakes and pallets,
    sometimes he just eats algea off the sand,

    what should i do ?dont want to loose such a beautiful fish,please advise
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