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  • Hi Anita

    I recently bought a second hand 3155 Osmolator, I setup it up as per the instructions and youtube. when i plug the power cable in the alarm goes off and all the lights light up. I feel like a sensor may be damaged. Can you assist with any advice?

    Kind regards
    Hi Anita, you mentioned once that you guys offer a payment solution. How does it work?
    Hi Anita, what would compare with A vortech 40, I have a 1200x600 aquarium and am looking to have only a flow pump/s on one side of the aquarium as is is 3 side viewable. I want to focus on SPS and also need something that will get rid of possible detritis. Will one pump with a 7092 controller work or will I need to pumps
    Hi Rossreefer, you could go for the 2 x 6055 and the 7092 n/c multi controller, which would give you 11 000 l/hr, R3874.00 incl.

    You could also take 1 x 6125 Stream and receive a Silphos n/c, R2156.00 incl.

    The third option would be to take 2 x 6045 Stream (they are not controllable) which would give you a flow of 9 000 l/hr, R1464.75 incl.

    All of these options would give you good flow in your tank, the only one I have in stock at the moment is the 6125 Stream, the other stock will be in last week in October, but a 50% deposit would secure the price.
    Let me know if you need any more infor, regards Anita
    Hi, im starting a new tank 120x60x50 what would yolu suggest that I use for flow. It will be a mixed reef.
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