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  • Brenda, been away for a while and lost the PM link. How are things going with you guys since our last chat?
    Hi Beranda,

    Thanks for the info. I nennie did not lokk so healty. I had stint that was old and stop that and start feeding it fresh stint. I also take your advice and feed it now only every second day. I don't which change did the trick but the nennie looks healthy again.

    I will keep on this pattern as you suggested and see what happens.This night anemone is quite a learning curve.

    Thanks for your help.


    I need advise please. That night anemone has "spit" out half a portion of food I fed it the day before. I tried to feed it a piece of stint about 15mm long and 5mm in diameter. Half of that was gone. Do you think I feed it too much? Must I feed it smaller portions? I feed it every night.

    Some feedback on the night anemone.
    Very peacefull thus far. Some button polups are touching in and they do not show any sign off irritation on both the polys or the nennie. I saw fish touching the nenie during daytime and nothing happened. My Copper band attemt to steal a piece of myses shrimp from it the other day and got sting. After 3 days the copper band are still fine.

    I think as long the nennie dont feel threatned or you don't touch it at night when it is active hunting, you should be fine. I have lost a Arrow crab at night. He change skeleton basically on the nennie and I lost a cleaner shrimp with strange signs. I do not know if it has any thinf to do with the nennie but they are borth hunters at night.

    I feed it stint at night. The nenie has a diameter off 130mm during day time ans about 70mm to 80mm at night. I will keep you posted as we go along.

    I found a guy in Germany who have one but battle to get hold of him.
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