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    [wtd] Yellow tang

    Anyone have a yellow tang they want to sell or know where I can get one please let me know thanks
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    [wtd] Dc 5000 uplift pump

    Hi guys I’m looking for a 5000dc uplift if any one has then can let me know thanks
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    [wtd] Cleaner shrimp

    I was there last week I should go and have a look do you maybe know what the price was?
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    [wtd] Cleaner shrimp

    I’m from Cape Town Morne and I was by perky and didn’t see any anonymone
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    [wtd] Cleaner shrimp

    Hi guys any cleaner shrimp available?
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    [wtd] Overflow box

    Looking for a overflow box for a 400ltr tank if you have one or know where I can get get one then please let me know thanks
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    [wtd] Dead or alive: rock - cape town

    Hi guys I’m lookin for live or dead rock if you have please let me know thanks probably going to need about 30kgs depending on the sizes thanks
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    [FS] Boyu TL 550 marine

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    [wtd] Canister filter

    Hi guys looking for a big canister filter to run on a quarantine tank Cape Town thanks
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    [wtd] aragonite

    Hi guys I’m looking for about 10-20kgs of aragonite so if you have then let me know and price thanks
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    [wtd] Boyu 550

    Hi guys I’m looking for a boyu 550 complete setup running preferably, so if any one has a system you can either pm or reply on the thread thanks
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    [wtd] Digital timers

    Hi guys any one have digital timers for sale?
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    [wtd] Eheim 150w heater

    Pm sent
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    [wtd] Eheim 150w heater

    I’m looking for a 150w heater eheim if you have or know where I can get then let me know thanks
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    [FS] Light Units for sale

    I’m interested in the t5 unit