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  • hi Andreas
    do you still have any of those pumps left .looking for the 6150 pump u advertised. im in Midrand can you send me an email thanx Farhaad
    Howzit, been following a thread about relocating tanks and Riaan pointed me in your direction. I am moving from Cape Town to Rustenburg at the end of the year. I hear you moved from Durban to Centurion, how did you move your tank? and any advice?
    I see what you are saying about the wave andreas, he just needs to tune it better cause what you are seeing is destructive interference. Not sure where we would see this kind of choppy water in the ocean, maybe a little bit out from the sure, as the surf would change so quick.

    PS you are not meant to post on your own wall..
    Howzit. Have you decided what you're going to go with regards to a tank? I need to get rid of this one so that I can start my new tank.

    Andreas dude i have been trying to get hold of you need to find out if tank is still available!
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