• Hi Andre, please call me re the skimmer for my cube......I don't mind over skimming as long as my tank mates are happy.
    Hi Andre. Do u have a pump for a skimz 201 internal skimmer. Thanks
    Hi there, the guys normal;ly use the Devil SP3 Pump and works great. You will have to take it down to the plumbing store to maybe get one or 2 pvc bits to make it fit
    :tt2:How much is the ATS 200 (algae scrubber). On your website it says from R0.
    So can i expect one for free.;)
    Hi Andre, was at Mike's place (Blue Reefer) the other night and I must admit his tank looked great under the 3 x 90w Pharos units. His corals are doing awesome.
    HI Andre - I have been steered in your direction - looking at doing a LED setup for my new tank 2400x1000x750
    Good day Andre,
    Have you got any yellow tangs in stock, and how much are they?
    Hi Andre

    I have to say thank you for the awesome service yet again, i received the Pharos units the next day, brilliant, really didnt expect that :) you guys rock! Think you should open a store in durbz (wink wink)
    Hi Andre,
    How about running an auction on your Led lighting pendants (1200mm)? Look like great units and I wouldn't mind bidding on one for my new, soon to be ready, 1200x600x600 tank
    No problem ... If was yesterday then will get a call from my buddies at depot tomorrow morning ... If I need tge waybill will sms you for it ... You not on whatsapp are you
    Huh ... This news to me ... Thought they only picking it up today from your place .... If was yesterday then I can expect it in our depot tomorrow morning or latest Saturday morning ... You wouldn't happen to have the waybill tracking number by any chance for me to follow it up ...
    Hi andre . Am looking for an led unit to cover my 1200 x 450 x 450 tank to grow sps . Pref. With a programable co troller . Any suggesgions
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