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    [FS] Pair of saddle back clowns for sale

    Dibs pending location.
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    [FS] For Sale - UV Sterilization Unit

    Dibs, will take it.. Pm me your number to arrange collection.
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    [FS] Excess hardware vol2

    Hi, the skimmer is in good condition. Pm me your number and I will send more pics. Not sure on age by it is the older model. Has been in storage for a long time. I also have a Deltec SC 1455 for sale. Also looking at R2500. Will post pics soon.
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    [FS] Excess hardware vol2

    Bump 1: Deltec AP701 skimmer - R2500 2: Reef Octopus Classic 110int skimmer - R1200 3: ViaAqua SK388 skimmer - R1200 4: Reef Octopus reactor - R1500 5: Reef Octopus Calcium Reactor large - R2500 6: current 1.2m led light with remote and controller - Sold
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    [FS] Various Fish & Coral

    2nd dibs on most of the corals if deal falls through with Zak please
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    [FS] Livestock for sale

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    [FS] Reef Octopus Calcium reactor

    Jip, correct.
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    [FS] Aussie Galaxy For Sale

    Would you be willing to ship up to jhb?
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    [wtd] Red devil 5000s

    I have a red devil dc5500 available. Pm my if interested.
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    [FS] Fish for sale - Midrand

    Bump - fish available Majestic Angel R1500 Spotted watchman goby R200 2x Pajama cardinals R200 each Damsel R80 Longnose hawk - R500 Leopard Blenny - R380 Highfin blenny - R230 Firefish - R200 Lawnmower blenny - R230
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    [FS] Excess hardware vol2

    Bump, led light has dibs off forum.
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    [FS] Excess hardware

    Bump 2: Jebao WP40 - R850 3: Marine Space Sp4000 grow light - R500 6: Aragonite - R40p/kg
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    [wtd] Looking for araganite

    Hi, I have aragonite available at R40p/kg if interested. Based in Midrand.
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