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    [wtd] F2 Fertilizer

    I have some in Midrand. Been in the fridge forever.
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    [wtd] Live Rock- only need about 3kgs (Centurion and Pretoria East)

    I have in Midrand. You welcome to pm me if interested.
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    [wtd] Live Phytoplankton

    Where you based? Bringing up a shipment from Cpt to jhb of live pods and phytoplankton next week.
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    [wtd] Damaged or not working Zetlights

    Hi peeps, If you have any zetlights which are not working or are danamged, let me know. I will be happy to look at buying them from you. Thank.
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    [SOLD] Coral For Sale

    Hi, sorry but something came up and I need to undibs. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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    [SOLD] Coral For Sale

    Would you ship? If I book courier? Dibs on 1, 2 & 3 pending reply.
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    [FS] 700 litre complete marine tank and content for sale - Pretoria R15 000

    I Would be interested in the livestock if you decide to split.
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    Sump design

    Happy to share. I do yes. Pm me your number and I will send you details in the morning. But it is slightly smaller than the main tank so you will have to adjust the dimensions to suit your needs.
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    [wtd] Photosynthetic gorgonian

    Thanks bud. I will also only be able to do anything after lockdown but thank you.
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    Sump design

    This was a sump I designed and built for a friend. Was for a 900 x 900 cube. Works perfectly and was designed in such a way to maximize refugium size but cater for all equipment as well as ato ro water.
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    [wtd] Photosynthetic gorgonian

    Hi there, I have as well, based in Midrand. Pm me your number if you interested. @RandburgRicky I would also be interested if they are different to mine. Please pm me your number and I will contact you. Obviously if there are any left after @kbyclown as I don't want to hijack his thread...
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    [wtd] Zetlight zs7000 - for parts

    Hi peeps, I'm looking for a faulty or not working zs7000. No need for power supply or controller, just the actual light to use as a donor unit.
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    [FS] Koi Pond Shutdown - Benoni

    Well it is more of a dam size. We live on a plot.
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    [FS] Koi Pond Shutdown - Benoni

    What did you have in mind? Seriously considering this but never kept koi before. Have a pond setup but never went full out.
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