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  • Hi Shawn,
    I appologise for contacting you for this reason, i made a mistake with the items you purchased,
    On 24 November 2010 you bought 4 items, only 2 items were charged the amount came to R326.
    The two items that did not charge were:
    Gro Tech NutriVital Plus Total R200 and
    Brightwell Aquatics ANGELIXIR Total R246
    making it a Total of R446 due.
    I sincerly appologise for the inconveneince,
    When you are able to can you please come to the shop and pay the balance or leave your contact number or send a pm
    Angelique (cashier)
    contact the shop on: 021 554 0340
    OceanSon Aquarium.
    so far it is doing great but i quarantine all corals for 1 week before i put them in my main display, for fear of introducing some bad bacteria etc....
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