Flame Angelfish

Flame Angelfish
Rob13, 30 Mar 2016
Scientific Name:
Centropyge loricula
Common Names:
Flame Angel; Dwarf Flame Angelfish
Care Level:
Moderately easy to look after.
Max Size:
8 - 10 cm
Min Tank Volume:
265 litres
23 - 28°C
Salinity or SG:
1.021 - 1.026
Water Conditions:
pH: 8 - 8.4
Maintain other parameters at the generally accepted levels
Flame angels are omnivores and feeding them a variety of good foods is important. Offer them various types of marine algae (nori) as well as frozen meaty foods such as mysis shrimp and other high-quality meaty foods. It will also be beneficial to offer them angelfish preparations and flakes or pellets designed for algae eating fish such as Formula II and Angel Formula.
Provide caves and overhangs so that this fish can hide which in turn allows for quicker acclimation and less stress. The use of live rock is beneficial for this fish as it allows for grazing between meals.
As with most dwarf angelfish, the flame angel can be semi-aggressive. They are most aggressive towards newly added fish that are similar in shape or eating behaviour.
If the flame angel is introduced last into a larger tank, they should get along with other peaceful tank mates. When the Flame Angel is kept in a smaller tank, they feel they will have to defend their territory, especially against competing algae eaters.
This fish should not be kept with large predator fish which are capable of eating them (such as scorpionfish, lion fish and larger eels).
Flame angels are generally considered reef safe with caution. They have been known to nip at stony and soft corals and clam mantles. Therefore, it is important to keep your flame angel well fed in an attempt to prevent/curb experimental eating behaviour.
General Information:
Personally, I have found that these fish can be very sensitive - I would definitely advise letting this fish wait in the Petshop holding tank for at least a week so that you can observe it eating and for any signs of disease before purchasing it. They can be prone to getting marine velvet and I would suggest quarantining this fish before placing it in your main display.
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