Tank Shutdown splitting (all live stock still to be caught) Sold

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Hi all shutting down our tank. Tank and equipment to be sold as soon as all livestock is sold. I will be adding/posting pictures to this thread throughout the day or reach me on whatsapp for immediate response. 0788818403

Convict tang (+-12cm) R500
Scopas tang (+- 10cm) R500
2 x yellow wrasse (+- 10cm and 8cm) R400 each
Blue damsel (+- 4cm) R100
Black/white chromis (+- 6cm) R200
Blue cheeck Sandsifter (+- 9cm) R150
Bicolour angel (+- 10cm) R500
Filefish (4cm) R300 (eats frozen & pellets don't have abtasia not sure if it eats aptasia)
Cleaner wrasse (+- 5cm) R150
Large cleaner shrimp (+- 8cm) R300
Maroon clown (+-10cm) R350 (can add a RBT combo) R600
Local Goby (free with any other fish) (+- 5cm)

1.Large Kenya tree + flat rock( +- 10cm x10cm) R300
2. 2 x Medium Kenya trees + medium rock R300
3.Shell with 2 small Kenya trees R50
2.Pincushion + tiny recordea shroom + 3 small Kenyas on small rock R500
3.Small pulsing xenia on small rock R100
4.Medium rock + pulsing xenia + small GSP R300
5.Medium Rock + GSP growing over it R400
6.Medium rock growing Xenia and small shroom R500 (optional large green bubble tip as its still on the same rock) R900
7. Medium rock + 3 recordeas + 2 luno green shrooms R400
8.Small rock + 4 head pallys R100
9.Large green bubble tip R600
10. 7 x RBT (about Side plate sized) R250 each (optional combo price with live rock as all are still on live rock)
11. 4 x RBT small R200
12.Small pincushion on shell R1

Tank (combo tank + sump + stand + plumbing + 3500l/h pump + 2 x 300w heaters + 2 sobo wavemakers + 54w Quad T5 unit no globes as spare (1 ballast not working) + beamswork sump led R4000 selling after all livestock sold)
(Tank size 1600mm(lenght) x 450mm(wide) x 600mm(heigh) dual skinny overflow
Sump size 900mm x 450mm)

Live rock not yet weighed. Can add to tank as combo.

2 x sobo wave makers (15 000l/h and 10 000l/h) R200 each
Reef Octopus skimmer R1000 onco
2 x 300w Heaters R120 each
Ekstra 1500l/h return pump R150
ZP4000 (1m) Zetlight (dimmible) R1000 onco
54w Dual Oddessy T5 unit(power supply problematic) good for spares + 2x ATI blue plus globes R200
54w Quad T5 unit as spare(1 ballast not working) R100
Photo Requirements
Photo's are of the ACTUAL livestock or hardware being advertised.


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