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Hey guys,

thanks for all the help getting things sold. just a few items left.

Have some liverock, substrate, long spine urchin,some kind of zoa / pally type coral, 2xBTAs, and one lonely little lined chromis.

First come first serve. would love to fully shut down sometime in the week, otherwise everything will be donated to a pet store or tossed (substrate/liverock).

Make me an offer on everything. Pics updated to show what is left.

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Hi Guys,

So I am moving to a new place soon, and will have to sell all livestock, rockwork and some equipment from my aquarium.

Its not a fun situation to be in, but I will not be able to move my aquarium without impacting my livestock, and will definitely not have time to manage the tank for a few months after I move.

I dont really know what the various items cost, so I am willing to accept offers on everything. I would ideally like to get as much cash as quickly as possible, so if you are willing to make an offer on the whole lot, I will give you preference. Also, if you can buy a whole rock, that will save me from having to remove coral from the rock or take a chisel to the rock.

I also know this is not an auction, so if the offer for a specific item is reasonable accepted, I will not be in a position to recall it in favor of groups of items or future offers. I will consider all accepted offers as final unless the sale falls through for some reason.

I have 3 RBTAs, a yellow tang, hammer coral, royal gramma, long spine urchin, conch, snails, crabs, a paired pistol shrimp and yellow goby (they will have to go as a pair), a couple of mushrooms, ricordeas, finger leather, GSP, pulsing xenia, lined chromis, platinum clown fish, cleaner shrimp and possibly a few other things I may have missed.

Hardware will go up for sale once the livestock is sold.

Collection only. not willing to ship. Please also bring your own buckets/bags as I dont have any to spare.

Available during the day and in the evenings.
Photo Requirements
Photo's are of the ACTUAL livestock or hardware being advertised.


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