RSM 250 For Sale

Hi All,

The time has now come for me to let my RSM 250 go. Work has become a little hectic and with a renovation on the horizon, it makes sense to do so.

I have really enjoyed the hobby with this tank and for those looking for an AIO, this is perfect.

The tank is in relatively good condition, with a few minor scratches, not visible when filled up. There is slight damage on the stand, but again, it does not affect the stability of the tank (Tank is now running for around 4 years). What comes in the deal:
  • The tank and stand
  • original return pumps in good working order
  • original hood with bulbs (although I replaced them before I last used them, they might need to be replaced)
  • DIY ATO unit (includes tank, 12v pump, relay, float switches)
  • original Red Sea 200w heater
  • all live stock (2 clown fish, Regal Tang, cleaner shrimp, snails, coral: gsp, palyzoa's, kenyan trees... basically everything in the pics)
  • live Rock (lots of it. I unfortunately have not weighed it)
  • sand
  • I have made a cover for rear sump as I have removed the hood. The cover comes with.
  • skimmer body (pump is busted)

R5500 with above

R7200 with a bubble magus z5
Please note that the zetlight is not included in any of the above two options.

I have lots of other nutrients that will be included with the deal.

Preference will be to sell as a package, but will consider splitting if not sold within a month.

Collection only, in Alberton, JHB.

083 570 8219
Photo Requirements
Photo's are of the ACTUAL livestock or hardware being advertised.


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