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1000L Tank For Sale

Hi Guys, so I was going to do a big marine tank and Bought this tank for R 7 500.00 however I had to travel approx. 200km to get it and rented a trailer which cost me R 350. So I am about R 7850 in.

I then started stripping out the seals as the previous owner used it on freshwater for a cichlid tank. The reseal job cost me approx. another R 850. Putting me at R 8700 invested. Then I had to paint the back glass of the aquarium black as this is custom for a marine tank. That cost me another R 400 or so. R 9100.00 Invested. I then ordered custom cut plexiglass strips to line the corners and edges of the tank to make it more aesthetic. This cost about R 300.00 so were sitting at R 9400.00

Sealing the tank, collecting, cleaning and repainting the tank Ive spent approx. 10hrs on. Lets call my time and fuel etc approx. R 1500.00. Therefore I am willing to let the tank go for R 10900.00 min. Non neg.

The tank Dimensions are 2.4x0.65x0.6 with 12mm Glass on the sides and 24mm double base.

It was filled with water after the reseal and stood for a week with no leaks.

Tank sits on a cabinet with steel frame and has a canopy (has some water damage)

There are two Odyssea 54w Dual light fixtures included with the purchase, (needs new bulbs) a gravel syphon tube and a net or two.

I was then looking for a proper aquarium computer that had all the bells and whistles. I came across a never been used GHL Profilux 3.1n ex Ultimate kit. Literally never ever been used. It comes with the sms module, power bar, dosing pump, profilux touch and all the probes and cables. The unit retails new for R 35k. I paid R 18500 for it (can provide proof). And R 600 to ship from KZN to myself. (Shipping Insurance is what made it costly) My price is R 18500 non neg.

I purchased two Dophin 1600 canister filters from a friend for R 2000 each. They are about 6months old. I can let these go for R 1750 each.

Prices are as follows

  • Tank : R 10900
  • Aquarium Computer : R 18500
  • Canister Filters : R 1750 each.
Total Price. R 32 900.00

If you take everything as is R 27 000.00 package deal.
My ultimate reason for selling is that the setup cost of going saltwater was largely underestimated. I have done freshwater in the past, but its not the same for me. Also, have a marriage and little girl to entertain. LMAO
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