Corals for sale. Sold

Hey everybody. Collection in Broadacres, unfortunately not willing to ship livestock.

For sale

Blue tip Highlighter Torch 2 heads available R600 per head (On hold)
Pink tip highlighter torch 2 heads available R600 per head- available
Bright green torch 4 heads available R500 per head
Purple aus Torch R900 (Sold)
Green hammer 2 heads available R50 per head (On hold)
Acan orange R850
Acan, (which is not doing so well, but could probably be nursed back to health) R150
Red monti frags 2 available R80 each (1 available)
Monti which is slowly coming back to life (green) R100
Green Acro frag R250
Purple furry Mushroom rock R600
Green furry mushroom rock R600 (On hold)
Orange mushroom rock R500 (Sold)
Orange mushroom rock R500 (On hold)
Purple mushroom rock R400 (Sold)
Cairns Marine Interstellar mushroom with purple green ricordea attached R1250
Ricordea rocks (various ones available) 4 available R800 each (Sold)
Green mushroom rock R300
Scrambled egg zoa (about 4 heads) R250 for the lot (Sold)
Assorted zoa frags 3 available R300 each (Sold)
Australian finger leather green R1000

Melanaris wrasse R200 (Sold)
Six line wrasse R150 (On hold)
Blue leg hermit crab R150
Cleaner shrimp R100 (On hold)

Few more corals I forgot to list
Duncan single head R200
Chalice green and red about 5cm across R500
Photo Requirements
Photo's are of the ACTUAL livestock or hardware being advertised.


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