Complete reef setup - 4 foot tank (hardware & livestock)

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Hey fellow reefers. Sadly, I’m selling my reef tank due to having to relocate overseas for work. The tank has been running for just over a year now, all fish bought from Perky Pets (Wynberg, Cpt) and all corals through MASA members (dipped and cleaned prior to going in the tank). The tank and corals have really bloomed over the last year, most more than quadrupling in size. The tank is healthy and a real passion of mine, but unfortunately, I have to pack up the hobby for a few years…

Ideally, I need to sell the setup complete, as-is to someone for the sale price of R26,000 (I realise it’s more profitable to split the hardware and livestock, but I won’t have time to manage all the ‘dibs’ and individual sales…). If you're interested in the complete setup, please PM and I can send more photos etc.

  • 4-foot tank (120Lx60Wx56H cm) – black silicone, left side top corner overflow with two downpipes (I currently use 1 as the primary gravity feed to the sump and the 2nd is an emergency overflow also to the sump. Return to tank is via PVC pipe split t provide ‘Y’ shape to display tank.
  • Galvanized steel stand (120Lx 60Wx 100H cm)
  • Sump is large: 80x50x56 cm, with 3 compartments, with baffles between each; includes separate end section (15x50x56 cm) for RO water – holds up to up to 40 litres of top-up water.
  • Cabinet is dark brown veneer on chipboard, 2 drawers above sump section, with side panels to hide pipes behind tank (see pics). Fairly good condition – some minor chips, scratches etc.
  • The light is a really nice, specialist custom LED unit (professionally engineered and wired), based precisely on the Zetlight Z6600 spec, but with Bridgelux LEDs (better quality and better PAR), cooled by 2 fans mounted on top. Runs off a TC-420 control unit to give full and customizable control on 4 channels (white, blue, UV, red & green). Light is fitted with ceiling brackets, currently using steel cable and adjustable connectors on light unit.
  • Skimmer: Bubble Magus Curve 7 (works like dream!)
  • Return Pump: Jecod (same as Jebao) DC3000 (has variable speed setting and feeding timer)
  • Reactor (pellet/media): Deltec H2Ocean
  • Chiller: Buyo L200
  • Heaters: 300w and 200w (both Via Aqua)
  • Extra pumps: Aquabee (D&D/Deltec) 1200 l/h ; Maxijet 1200 l/h ; Hailea HX6540
  • ATO: custom DIY with built in relay and float switch and mini pump
  • Wavemakers: Jebao SLW20 ; Jebao OW25 (a bit temperamental – works on & off)
  • Dosing pump: Jebao 4-head (LCD screen is on the blink, but doser still works perfectly based on programmed cycles and volumes; easy repair and cheap replacement LCD screen]
  • Test kits: Red Sea ; Salifert Copper, Phosphate, Magnesium, Calcium
  • Extras: 3x nets; gravel siphon, auto feeder (battery operated), pellets and flakes etc.
[all pumps, skimmer, chiller heaters etc. are used and in working condition, and all will be cleaned prior to selling]

Livestock: fish & inverts (all healthy, feeding well, disease and parasite free!)
  • Bicolour Angel – 10cm
  • 2x Percula Clown x2 (5cm; 6cm)
  • 1x Clown wrasse – 9cm
  • 1x Cleaner wrasse – 9cm
  • 1x Lawnmower/salarias blenny – 8cm
  • 1x Blue leg hermit crab – med/large
  • 1x Sand sifting starfish – large
  • 2x Nassarius snails – medium (4cm)
  • 2x Turbo snails – 1 med, 1 large
Livestock: corals (all healthy and growing!)
  • Pulsing Xenia: +-25 polyps
  • Bright Green Star Polyps: 2 sections 5x3 cm
  • Long thin star polyps (very rapid growing!): 3 colonies on rocks, 1 is 25x15cm, 1 is 20x13cm, 1 is 10x5cm
  • and 1 small section on rocks (see pics)
  • Red Plating Montipora: 2 pieces about 10cm in diameter; 2 small pieces about 2-3cm diameter
  • Bright Green Candy Cane: 13 heads
  • Pink leather: +-15cm diameter
  • Green birds nest Hystrix: 1 piece with several branches 4-5cm long (see pic); another frag with 5 pieces
  • Several colonies of zoas – mix of red (+-50 heads) and green/blue (+- 100 heads)
  • Green Palys: +- 20 heads
  • Purple mushrooms: 1 large (7cm diameter), 1x medium, 3x small, 1x very small
  • Ricordea mushroom: red/green 10cm in diameter
  • 40 kg of live rock, 18kg of Seachem Meridian substrate

I think that's it. Thanks guys.
Photo Requirements
Photo's are of the ACTUAL livestock or hardware being advertised.


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