120l Low-Iron Glass AIO Aquarium (Jhb South) Complete

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For Sale
Used - working perfectly
Selling my complete AIO tank along with all the equipment And livestock that I purchased. I’m looking to upgrade hence the sale.

This is a great beginner tank that has been running on autopilot thanks to the established refugium that’s running in the back. Haven’t done one water change since the tanks cycle completed, only RO topups.

All equipment is Less than 4 months old. The tank and all equipment is in immaculate condition. No faults, damage, wear etc.
The tank itself doesn’t have a single scratch or mark that I can see.

Will split if there is interest

What’s Included:
X1 AIO starphire tank with 3D background
X1 200W Heater
X1 Low profile Acrylic Lid
X1 Zetlight e100 Refugium light
X1 Bubble Magnus Rock 600 Return pump
X1 Zetlight Marine Space 60cm light
Filteration media - Maxpect Bio Balls and Foam media.
X1 Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse
X1 Electric Blue Damsel
X1 Blue Legged Hermit Crab

will throw in a frag of GSP, Clove Polps and approx 6kg salt.

I may have most of the boxes for the hardware
I’m Based in Jhb South.
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