Wrasse Compatability.

Discussion in 'Marine Fish Discussions' started by Broder, 22 May 2010.

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    What's the general rule of thumb when selecting compatable wrasse? I've noticed that cleaner wrasse don't seem to tolerate each other in the same tank at all. I have 2 lunar wrasse (crescent tail wrasse) in my grow-out tank which seem to be getting along just fine. They're different in size and caught in different locations. Can I keep them together when I place them in their new home or will they end up fighting as they get older?
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  3. jacquesb

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    Hi Broder - I too noticed that cleaner wrasses don't like any fish that is the same shape as them.

    Lunar wrasses are 100% together - they are very peaceful fish. Not agro at all.....

    So you should be ok with the 2 of them together in your tank. They are beautiful wrasses.
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