RSS Wifi LED tubes like netLED are not only coming, they’re inevitable

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    If you think that wifi enabled LED bulbs are outlandish, consider that ten years ago it would have been hard to believe that all of our home, auto and aquarium lights would be replaced by LEDs, and we’re*just*around the corner from that future now. The new NetLED bulbs appear to have a familiar T8 or T10 form factor so they can easily be installed into the ubiquitous fluorescent lights of office buildings and homes.

    A basic four foot NetLED tube costs about $180, a little less cost but probably not as powerful as SunBrite LED tubes. The $180 NetLED tube is dimmable but it needs to be daisy chained to a single $260 version of the tube with built in wifi that can independently control tubes over a wireless network at the touch of an iPhone or iPad application. Alghough NetLED is launching in Japan, the graceland of electronics and gadgets, something tells us we’ll soon be seeing some very similar iPhone controlled LED features from Sunbrite sooner than later. [Gizmodo]
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