Water types and properties

Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by mayoginn, 10 Apr 2009.

  1. mayoginn


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    Hi guys

    Wats the differences from RO water, spring water, distilled water and boiled water?
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  3. Shaun

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    Well if you have a marine tank RO water is the one to use.
    It is basically pure water that is cleaned with various filters.

    Spring water, well comes out of the ground so is usually high in minerals, and nowadays may even contain sewerage and other contaminants.

    Distilled is also pure water made from condensed steam.

    Boiled water, well water that has been made very hot:whistling:. I the process just condensing all the minerals etc in a smaller amount of water.

    If you are looking for more technical info you will have to wait for Marco or Hennie or you can just google each one.
  4. Mike

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    the Motherland

    Boiled water will still contain (slightly more as it becomes concentrated) contaminants as in fresh tap water, the pure stuff is the steam you lost when boiling it, if you could harvest the steam, then that is the stuff you can use (distilled water) if in doubt check the TDS of the water, anything above 5ppm don't use.
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