Water Flow in DT

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by gavapotomous, 24 Dec 2014.

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    Hi All, I seem to have alot of suspend solids in my DT.
    I am running two WP60's one on the left of the tank and one on the right. The one on the right is mounted near the back of the tank, and directed at the corner over flow which is 400mmX200mm.
    The return pump is 10000L/H and probably running at about 6000L/H.
    The tank is 1800mmx1200mmx630mm (LxWxH) about 1500L total.
    Does anyone have some advice, tips and tricks to get the suspend solids over the overflow.
    It looks like there is enough turbulent flow to keep the particles in suspension, but looks like they are not going over the overflow?
    It looks like the water hits the overflow box and most particles are then pushed downwards and not over?
    I am not running a filter sock, but chang every three days some batting squares that I cut and put in the sump that all water goes through.
    Any ideas or links how to manage water flow in the DT, or is this a tweaking to get it correct for your tank?
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  3. Reaper


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    Kuilsriver - Western Cape

    As far as I know it's just a matter of tweaking buddy. I doubt that anyone's is perfectly correct...
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  4. Omnitank


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    23 Nov 2012
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    Hi @gavapotomous have you sorted this issue in your tank?
    I have some questions about the same thing in my DT (although it's a bit smaller, my tank has about the same dimensions as yours)

    If you came across some advice or discovered something helpful, would you care to share it with me?

    Thanks buddy
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