TSR 250 + Zeovit + JNS 0.5 Reactor

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by Lockes, 16 Sep 2012.

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    Anyone using these products on their tanks?

    Having issues with flow from the reactor and want to know if anyone else is running this same system.

    I have been having issues with STN and think it may be due to high flow through the Zeo Reactor

    The zeovit manual states: We strongly recommend not exceeding the maximummflow rate of 100 gph per 1 liter of ZEOvitĀ®, which could undoubtedly have a negative impact.

    I have a JNS Reactor with a Sicce Silent 0.5 pump (700l/h)

    My tank is net volume of 200 litres(+- 50gal) and I use 400ml of media.

    This means a recommended flow below 40gph

    I have turned the pump to it's lowest setting and I tested the flow and I am getting 225l/hour (59 gal/hour)

    Is this the cause of the STN?

    Any recommendations?
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  3. Bob the (reef)builder

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    Have you gone to the Zeo website www.zeovit.com I think. Great backup. They really know their product.
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