The reason James May was Sacked from auto car

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by ziyaadb, 23 Jul 2011.

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    Way back before Top Gear, a certain Mr James May was the editor of Autocar magazine.... a position from which he was later sacked. I only just found out why, legend!

    They asked him to put together a year-end compilation edition and he was somewhat upset about the idea as it was too much work in not a lot of time and the managment didnt seem to appreciate just how much work goes into putting something like that together. Therefore he decided to imbed a little message into the edition... take a look...

    [ame=""]James May - Autocar - a set on Flickr[/ame]

    If you're too lazy to click: the start letters on each page spell out "so you think its really good yeah you should try making the bloody thing up its a real pain in the arse"!

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