Tank levelling and ceiling mounted lighting

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by Prash06, 18 Apr 2011.

  1. Prash06


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    Hi guys.

    As from one of my previous posts a few months back, I've bought a marine tank. Unfortunately I had to put it on hold until I finished off writing my exams. But good news is that now I'm back with a vengeance and wanna get my system up and running!

    I've hit a few snags along the way, I got my tank set up but because of the uneven level of my tiles (and maybe other things,like an uneven polystyrene board) my tank is a bit uneven. I measured the water level at the back and at the front of the tank and it seems as though the water level is 6-8mm higher at the back. My glass is 6mm thick and the water level is about 550mm high. Will it be a problem due to it leaning to the back?

    Secondly, I got a really awesome 4ft MH lighting unit with 4x T5 lights and 2x small LED lamps. It is a ceiling mounted unit. Because I'm not very DIY, I don't really know how to mount this onto the ceiling. Does anyone know how to mount these units onto the ceiling?

    Really appreciate the help. Thanks.
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  3. FransSny


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    hi Prash,

    great to hear things are going forward again.

    Firstly , you will have to level that tank the unevenness will put strain on the glass making it prone to cracking. It will also interfere with surface skimming.

    I use high density rubber (the type they use for bakkie mats etc) works like a charm or you can use washers.

    Moounting a ceiling unit is easy. If your tank stands under a beam you can use normal screw in hooks (you should / might be able to see where the beam runs by looking for ceiling pins).

    Alternatively ask the hardware for butterfly bolts. The "bolt" side has spring loaded wings that extend once pushed through the hole (hope this makes sense)

    good luck
  4. RiaanP

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    Need to level that tank. It is OK if it is uneven just into one direction. Like in just forward. But best is to get it even. Sounds like you need some R2 and R5 coins under the back feet.

    Measure if the tank got a left to right levelling problem as well. Easiest method to check is that the water level should be equal for both back corners and for both front corners (as your tank is now). If all is level, then all corners must have the same measurement.
  5. butcherman

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    Kempton Park

    a top tip :thumbup:
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