Suggestions for reef tank fish

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by JackSplat, 29 Aug 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    I have recently started a reef tank and I am looking for suggestions of fish / corals to add to it.

    The DT is 230 litre and I have the following already in it:

    5 hermit crabs
    2 turbo snails
    2 cleaner shrimp
    1 sand dollar

    1 zoa
    1 starburts polyp

    1 tangaroa goby
    2 clark clowns
    1 files fish

    The lighting i have should be able to handle all coral types.

    Your suggestions will be welcome!
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  3. RiaanP

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    First, you need to decide if you want a softy dominated system, LPS or SPS. They can mix, but generally a specific tank does better as the corals do have different light and flow requirements.

    And unless you want to upgrade, or sell your fish later, stay away from the larger fish, and fish that needs space. That includes tangs, that although small now, their natural behaviour is to swim a lot along the reefs. and they will grow up forcing you to either sell them or to get a bigger tank.
  4. carlosdeandrade


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    North Riding, Jozi

    :welcomewave: have fun!
    Lighting will play a important part in terms of keeping sps, lps or softies (sps are small stony polyp corals, lps are large polyp stony corals and soft corals are any coral that has no skeleton like your zoas).
    What type of filtration do you have? Skimmer? Etc. different types of equipment can add or take away from your stocking needs.
    Below are some threads you can read, which I found very informative and helpful.
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    Happy reading and ask if you have any specific questions. Someone will always help.
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  5. JackSplat

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