Some advice on starting a Marine tank

Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by WaRn00b, 27 Dec 2012.

  1. WaRn00b


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    27 Dec 2012
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    Vredekloof - CPT

    Hi all,

    Please check my intro thread (Click HERE )

    I'd like to start a marine nano with an existing tank I have left, but I have no idea what additional equipment I require and how to maintain a marine tank, etc, etc.

    So any and all info would be greatly appreciated. :D

    What I've got is a small 45x45cm tank with a 100W heater, 500l/h pump and some T8 lighting - what else would I need and what is the approx. price for the items?

    Thanks again!! :blush:
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  3. Dillan


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    10 May 2012
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    Bloemfontein/Cannon Rocks

    hi firstly welcome and enjoy the hoby as in your last post you will find that temp will be an issue i have a TL550 and its hectic, I run leds but still 29deg days happen.
    you will need a skimmer and if you are going to drill the nano a sump, prices of all goodies are here on the "for sale thread"
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